ZED: Absolution - NEW STUFF WOH!

Meet ZED - a battle hardened Seraphim Warrior. Banished from the Heavenly Host, he fights for his salvation by competing in the Tournament of the Accord. Waging war against the corpses of fallen kin, he must survive a brutal gauntlet and work his way through progressively challenging, and terrifying, realms. Only by collecting the souls of the damned can he earn his way back into the grace of the God's. Build a massive arsenal, wield unique powers, and give special blessings to ZED’s armor to help reclaim absolution.

ZED takes elements from many styles of gameplay and melds them into a one of kind experience. ZED is a top down throwback arcade shooter bringing the like of Robotron 2048 and SmashTV into 2013. ZED has many layers beyond classics such as these, and brings many elements of gameplay you find in RPG, ISO, and FPS games. A few noticeable features of ZED include:

We are currently supporting Windows, OSX, and will support Linux for release. We have hopes of being able to launch to DLC consoles as well, but that will largely be dependant on the success of the game.

ZED features over one hundred unique ranks that can be unlocked as you gain souls for your salvation. Your ability to use weapons also improves with use. The more you use the pistol, the better your host gets with the pistol. A massive arsenal ensures that the action is never slow, but once you choose a couple favourite weapons, still with those to level them up and you'll be laying waste to the demonic hordes with surgical precision and the chaos of a napalm strike.

Unlike traditional top-down arcade shooters, ZED features a large arsenal of weapons you can equip and modify before you enter the arena. ZED can carry up to 4 into battle, and they can easily be quick-swapped when you find yourself in trouble. As you earn souls, you might opt to upgrade the specs of your trusty pistol with mods like laser sight for increased accuracy, or fire-rate modification to deal out more damage. On the other hand, you might want to save your hard-earned souls for an automatic shotgun, which when combined with an increased gauge modification, delivering angelic justice like candy from a Pez dispenser.

You will be able to purchase weapons, items, and upgrades by spending Soul Tokens. You can earn Soul Tokens by completing milestones. Including: Being Promoted (Level Up), Achieve Score Marks, High Spree Counts and more.

With over 30 weapons currently implemented, including Railguns, Axes, Flamethrowers, Sub Machine Guns, AssaultRrifles, and tons more arming you to the teeth. Each weapon features its own stats, including fire-rate, critical hit chance, damage per-second, and accuracy - all of which can be improved with leveling and upgrade selection.

Legion’s ghoul’s also drop a huge variety of powerups, ranging from spinning balls of fire to the stoppage of time.

We currently support full co-op gameplay in ZED - which brings a whole new experience to the gameplay. While Legion’s soldiers do get more challenging as more players join, each player can bring individual powers, blessings, and weapons to the arena to create any number of gameplay styles for battling evil. You can blast through a crowd of creatures with your GLX5000 after one of your teammates pull them in close for intense melee combat. Stack critical hits for massive damage, or build up your health and regeneration to keep running longer.

There are currently 6 environments wireframed out with a focus on another six+. Each environment has multiple entrances, obstacles, and traps to keep you on your toes as you struggle to keep ZED safe from Legion’s onslaught. Battle your way through the enclosed arena, fight off demons on the steps of temples, and charge your way across the cliffs.

Stay connected to keep up to date on all the ZED happenings! We're going to do our best to keep posting new content as we're creating in. Have any crazy ideas or inspiring things to add to the game? Just drop us a line and we'll be sure to respond quickly!

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